60 FREE November Phone Wallpapers

We've curated a fantastic collection of November-themed phone wallpapers, all designed with book readers in mind.

Embrace the November Mood with Exclusive Book-Themed Wallpapers

To honor the distinct charm of November, we have carefully curated a special collection of book-centric phone wallpapers. Each design is thoughtfully crafted to reflect your unique spirit. Immerse yourself in our galleries and select the perfect November-themed backdrop for your phone!

You won’t find these home screen and lock screen wallpapers anywhere else! After you’ve picked your new wallpaper, be sure to check back for our latest Blind Date With A Book selections.

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Books & More Books Wallpapers

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Nautical November Bookstacks Wallpapers

Fantastic, Artistic November Wallpapers

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Drawn Book-Themed Wallpapers

November Outdoors Wallpapers

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Go Forth, and Read!

As the leaves turn and the air grows crisp, November brings with it a magical time for readers and dreamers alike. Our exclusive collection of book-themed wallpapers is more than just a visual treat; it’s an invitation to celebrate the joy of reading. Each wallpaper is a window into a world of stories, perfect for book lovers who want to carry a piece of their passion wherever they go. From whimsical illustrations to quotes from beloved authors, each design is a tribute to the timeless allure of books. So, whether you’re waiting for the bus or taking a break from your day, a glance at your phone will remind you of the wonderful worlds waiting in your next read. And remember, as you enjoy these unique designs, our ‘Blind Date With A Book’ section is always ready to surprise you with unexpected literary adventures. Let the spirit of November guide you to your next wallpaper and your next favorite book!

Download, set, and embrace the season of reflection with your phone echoing the beauty and diversity of November.

Endnote: We would love to see how these wallpapers enhance your mobile experience. Share a screenshot on social with the hashtag #blinddatewithabook and join the celebration!