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Welcome to Blind Date With A Book’s captivating world of nonfiction! Embark on a literary adventure where truth can be more eye-opening than fiction. Our curated collection of nonfiction books will transport you across time, space, and the vast depths of human knowledge. From inspiring recounts to captivating histories and thought-provoking explorations of science, philosophy, and culture, each blind date promises a captivating encounter with the real world. So, take a leap of faith, unwrap a surprise book, and let the pages ignite your curiosity, broaden your horizons, and unveil remarkable stories that defy imagination. Get ready to fall in love with the extraordinary tales woven within the pages of nonfiction literature.

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    • NatureWisdom
    • GiftsofEarth
    • Sacred
    • MythicScience
    • EcoHarmony
    • ListenLearn
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    • SecretSocieties
    • ConspiracyFears
    • ParanoidNation
    • Belief
    • Chaos
    • Randomness
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    • ParkingProblems
    • UrbanStruggles
    • CityCrisis
    • CarCulture
    • SpaceWaste
    • ParkingPolitics
    • DrivingDilemma
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    Can you hear their whispers in the darkness? Unravel the haunting stories of America's female ghosts, from the infamous to the forgotten, and discover the truths that lie beyond the myths.

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    How well do you really know your neighbors? Infamous, twisted, amazing.

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    • JazzCulture
    • SinfulNOLA
    • MurderMystery
    • BattleforNOLA
    • ProhibitionProwl
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    Step into the enigmatic world of these mysterious birds as you uncover the secrets of their wisdom, communication, and hunting skills. Prepare to be captivated by their hidden knowledge that has fascinated humanity for millennia.

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    An engaging pop-psych piece from a brilliant Harvard psychologist. Take a dive into a specific type of human mind, but after reading there's no um, unreading.

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    In a modern society, riddled with unconscious bias, this eye-opening look into data bias presents a collection of statistics you won't soon forget.

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    Take an intricate walk through history with these code-breaking women in World War II.

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    She had a life of espionage and cryptology during World War II. This impressive biography reads almost like a spy novel.

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    Ever wonder what happens to the inhabitants of the cities with a forgotten past?

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    A bit random, a bit eclectic, and the answer to the question:

    Which came first, orange the color or orange the fruit?

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    An eye-opening look at our past, present, and future with a mention of elephant birds.

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