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Welcome to Hartfield’s

Welcome to the magical world of Hartfield’s Blind Date With A Book. Our website is your portal to countless adventures, mysteries, love stories, and more, all waiting for you beneath our carefully curated wraps.

Step 1: Browsing Our Collection

Venture into our collection of blind date with a book hidden treasures. Each book is represented by a wrapped image with intriguing hints about its content. We provide breadcrumbs in the form of themes, characters, buzzwords, or setting descriptions – but the actual book remains a delightful mystery until you choose to reveal it.

Step 2: Choose Your Date

Feel intrigued by a book’s hints? Click on “Unwrap Book” to reveal your date. But remember, the magic lies in the mystery, so choose wisely!

Step 3: Meet Your Match

Unwrapping the book will reveal the actual cover, title, and author of your chosen book. Congrats! You’ve just found a reading adventure. Look good? Now, it’s time to get to know each other better.

Step 4: Get Your Book

Now that you’ve met your match, it’s time to bring your new book home. You get to choose how you’d like to get your book: local library, bookstore, or online retailers such as Amazon. We offer *affiliate links to purchase your chosen book via Amazon, Kindle (instant digital download), or Audible (instant digital audiobook), making it easy for you to start your new literary journey.

Step 5: Enjoy The Journey

All that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in your blind date. Whether it’s a tale of epic adventure, a heart-stopping mystery, or a heartwarming romance, we hope your blind date with a book leads to many hours of enjoyable reading.

Ready for the Next Adventure?

Finished your book and ready for the next adventure? Return to Hartfield’s Blind Date With A Book anytime to find your next unexpected read.

* Items purchased after visiting an affiliate link may result in a small commission for us provided by the company with the affiliate program.

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