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Welcome to Blind Date With A Book’s captivating realm of Science Fiction! Immerse yourself in a cosmic adventure where the boundaries of reality and imagination blend seamlessly. Our curated collection of Science Fiction books unveils thrilling tales of futuristic worlds, mind-bending technologies, and awe-inspiring possibilities. From interstellar travel to dystopian societies, each blind date promises an exhilarating escape into unknown galaxies. Explore the captivating visions of visionary authors, as they explore the impact of science and technology on society, challenging the very fabric of our existence. Embark on a mysterious journey, where the wonders of the universe are just a page away. Get ready to be swept off your feet by the awe-inspiring wonders and mind-boggling concepts found within the pages of our Science Fiction selection.

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    Descend into the depths of a foreign planet's treacherous caves, where an expedition turns into a psychological nightmare. Paranoia, secrets, and a haunting presence await in this gripping sci-fi thriller.

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    Unleash your mind's potential as you navigate through alternate universes, grapple with past mistakes, and stumble upon a shocking universal revelation. Brace yourself for a mind-bending journey into the depths of science fiction.

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    A dark and thought-provoking collection of tales that will transport you to other worlds.

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    Enter a world where a pristine future is within grasp, yet secret societies thrive in volcanoes. This tale of cosmic ambition will make you question the true meaning of 'home' and the lengths we'll go to preserve it.

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    • RollerSkateQuests
    • LegacyUnknown
    • FriendshipPower
    • InventionMystery
    • ActionAdventure
    • FamilyLegacy
    • NewAdultJourney
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    "For anybody who could use a break."

    - The Author

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    • 1982
    • novella
    • suburban
    • surreal
    • satirical
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    • sci-fi
    • magic
    • timetravel
    • funny
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    A dystopian, futuristic tale that reminds us: on another's planet, humans are the aliens.

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    Nerdy ✓
    Cheesy ✓
    Fun ✓
    Sad ✓

    The future of Earth depends on a high schooler. Great.

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    • superpowers
    • teamwork
    • suspense
    • kindaterrifying
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    A dark, dystopian tale that makes you feel just a smidge better about life in 2021.

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