Blind Date With A Book: Unwrap A World of Surprise!

Embark on a reading journey like no other! Our unique ‘Blind Date With A Book’ experience teases you with intriguing hints about each book. The actual title? It’s hidden until you choose to unwrap it. Dive in, explore, and discover your next unforgettable read!

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Learn how Blind Date With A Book works

How Blind Date With A Book Works

Browse through our carefully curated selection of wrapped books, each accompanied by an intriguing teaser and genre.

  1. Choose a book that piques your interest and get ready for the reveal.
  2. Double-tap or click ‘Unwrap’, and the actual book cover will be unveiled, introducing you to your next reading adventure.
  3. Find your match and get it from your local library, bookstore, or order it online!

Ready for the Unveiling?

Embrace the suspense and excitement of a literary blind date. Will it be a mind-bending sci-fi, a riveting historical saga, or a gripping mystery? There’s only one way to find out. Start your unwrapping journey now and reveal the story that awaits.

Our Latest Book Picks

Ready to meet your next favorite book? Dive into our newest picks spanning all genres – your literary adventure starts here!

  • #darkromance 0y

    In a world of darkness and danger, a broken woman finds herself intrigued by a mysterious man who walks through her door. Little does she know, her life is about to change forever.

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Explore Book Genres

Explore a rich tapestry of tales across diverse genres. Whether you’re seeking thrilling mysteries, enlightening nonfiction, or journeys into imaginative realms, your next surprise read is just an ‘unwrap’ away.

Mystery Books

Seek the hidden. Unravel secrets shrouded in shadows.

Historical Fiction Books

Journey back in time. Feel history come alive.

Nonfiction Books

Uncover truths. Gain wisdom from reality’s lessons.

Science Fiction Books

Venture into future worlds. Encounter alien innovations.

Introducing Sniff-A-Book!

Join the Waitlist for The World’s First Scratch-N-Sniff Blind Date With a Book. A truly One Of A Kind experience!

Join the Waitlist

1) Scratch and sniff each handpicked book
2) Like what you smell? Scan the QR Code to reveal the book.
3) If you like a book, get it from your local library, bookstore, or order it online!

QR Code Card Demo

A Handmade Card With Scratch-N-Sniff Scented QR Codes that Each Link to a Book Related to the Aroma!

  • #mystery 0y

    Uncovering the mysterious disappearance of a teenage runaway, a relentless investigator delves into a web of dangerous secrets, where the truth could be deadly for anyone involved.

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  • #mystery 0y

    Dare to venture into a certain house, where dreams and nightmares entwine, secrets lurk behind its walls, and one girl's fight for a better life takes an unexpected turn.

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  • #mystery 0y

    An aspiring musician discovers a priceless secret hidden within his beat-up family fiddle, but when it's stolen, he embarks on a daring race against time to reclaim it before the prestigious competition begins.

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  • #mystery 0y

    Within the hallowed hall of a majestic library, a group of strangers unknowingly find themselves in the company of a cunning killer. In the chase for truth, friendships fracture and secrets unravel.

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Discover Reading Adventures!

Meet Sarah, a sci-fi enthusiast who discovered her new favorite historical fiction novel through a blind date with a book. A world she never thought she’d enjoy was unveiled, broadening her reading horizons.

Sarah W.

Sci-fi Enthusiast

Meet Ang, a devoted romance reader, unwrapped a mystery novel. The suspenseful narrative captured her interest in a way she didn’t expect, turning her into a mystery lover and expanding her reading interests.

Ang J.

Modern Mystery Maven

Meet Dmitri, a retired teacher, unwrapped a gripping historical fiction novel. He was thrilled to find an engaging way to indulge his love for history, transporting him back to times he’d only read about in textbooks.

Dmitri A.

Historical Fiction Fan

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