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Welcome to Our Book Genre Guide

Are you ready to take a literary leap but unsure which genre to dive into? Our Genre Guide is here to help. At Hartfield’s Blind Date With A Book, we’re passionate about variety. We believe in the power of diverse stories to entertain, inspire, challenge, and comfort us.

This guide offers a brief introduction to each genre featured on our platform. From thought-provoking Nonfiction to thrilling Mystery, soothing Beach Reads to exciting Science Fiction, we cover a wide spectrum of literary tastes.

Each genre has an associated hashtag that you can use to navigate our collection. Whether you’re a seasoned genre aficionado or a literary explorer eager to try something new, we hope this guide helps you find your perfect book match.

Now, let’s dive into the wonderful world of genres!

Book Genres

Dystopian #dystopian
Journey to alternative realities where societies are vastly different, often grim or unsettling. Our dystopian books will pull you into intriguing, thought-provoking worlds.

View Our Dystopian Book Picks

Fiction #fiction
Dive into diverse narratives that can transport you to different times, places, and lives. Our fiction section spans various sub-genres, offering something for everyone.

View Our Fiction Book Picks

Historical Fiction #historicalfiction
Get lost in the past with our historical fiction books. Immerse yourself in different eras and experience history through the eyes of compelling characters.

View Our Historical Fiction Book Picks

Humor #humor
Ready for some laughter? Our humor books, ranging from light-hearted romps to satirical commentaries, are sure to tickle your funny bone.

View Our Humor Book Picks

LGBTQ+ #lgbtq+

Are you in search of stories that mirror the vibrance and diversity of the LGBTQ+ spectrum? Our curated selection of LGBTQ+ literature, embracing everything from tender romances to powerful coming-out tales and thought-provoking cultural reflections, promises to inspire and enlighten.

View Our LGBTQ+ Book Picks

Memoir #memoir
Walk in someone else’s shoes with our memoirs. These personal accounts offer intimate insights into different experiences, cultures, and perspectives.

View Our Memoir Book Picks

Mystery #mystery
Crack the code with our mystery books. From classic whodunits to modern thrillers, these books will keep you guessing until the very last page.

View Our Mystery Book Picks

Nonfiction #nonfiction
Expand your understanding of the world with our nonfiction books. Covering a range of topics, from science to history, these books will fuel your curiosity and knowledge.

View Our Nonfiction Book Picks

Science Fiction #scifi
Journey to distant galaxies, experience futuristic technology, and encounter alien species with our science fiction books. These imaginative tales will take you to the frontiers of possibility.

View Our Science Fiction Book Picks

Self Help #selfhelp
Looking for guidance or inspiration? Our self-help books offer practical advice and insights on personal growth, mindfulness, productivity, relationships, and more.

View Our Self Help Book Picks

True Crime #truecrime
For those who are fascinated by real-life mysteries, our true crime books delve into intriguing cases, forensic details, and the human stories behind the headlines.

View Our True Crime Book Picks

Young Adult #youngadult
Our young adult books capture the trials and triumphs of teenage life, covering topics like identity, love, and coming of age. These books are engaging reads for both young adults and the young at heart.

View Our Young Adult Book Picks

Welcome to Hartfield’s Blind Date With A Book. No matter what genre you prefer, we’ve got a date ready for you. Happy unwrapping!