Our Story

Discovering The Unexpected

At Hartfield’s Blind Date With A Book, we’re passionate about three things: people, books, and surprises. It all began with a simple question: in a world both physical and digital, where you can judge a book by its cover (and online reviews), is it possible to bring back the thrill of discovering an unexpected literary gem?

We were inspired by the idea of matchmaking readers with books in a novel and exciting way. Over the past handful of years, the concept of a blind date with a book had taken the world like wildfire, spreading across bookstores and libraries almost everywhere. By realizing that removing the preconceptions we have about books based on their covers or authors, it was clear this novel matchmaking could lead to unexpected and delightful reading experiences. But availability to all was far from a reality… until now. Thus, the concept of Hartfield’s Blind Date With A Book was born.

Rekindling The Magic Of Books

Our mission is simple but profound: to rekindle the magic of books in the age of digital distraction. We strive to remind people of the joy of immersing oneself in a world woven from words, the anticipation of turning a page, and the excitement of meeting new characters. Most importantly, we want to bring back the delightful unpredictability of stumbling upon a story that you didn’t know you would love.

Surprises, Wrapped In Digital Paper, Bound By Words

We’re proud to have built an online platform that connects readers with the mystery, adventure, romance, history, and more that lie waiting within the pages of our carefully curated books. Each of our selections is labeled with intriguing clues, inviting our users to go on a blind date with a book and discover their next favorite read.

A Blind Date With A Twist

Today, we continue to add to our diverse collection of genres and titles, ensuring there’s always something new to unwrap. From Historical Fiction to Science Fiction, Biographies to Humor, True Crime to… Untrue Crime; we’ve got a blind date for every taste.

So go ahead, take a chance on a blind date with a book. It might just be the most rewarding leap of faith you take today.