Seasonal Picks: Elevate Your Blind Date with a Book Experience Through the Seasons


Do you love the idea of snuggling up with a thriller as leaves fall around you, or would you prefer a breezy beach read to go with the summer sun? Seasons can evoke particular moods and emotions, and so can books. Why not combine the two for an immersive reading experience? Welcome to Hartfield’s Blind Date with a Book Seasonal Picks—a unique theme that aligns your literary adventures with the rhythms of Mother Nature.

Blind Date with a Book Seasonal Picks
Blind Date with a Book Seasonal Picks

Why Seasonal Picks?

Reading choices often reflect the seasons of the year. A gripping horror story feels apt for a chilly October evening, while nothing complements the month of love—February—like a heartwarming romance. Our “Seasonal Picks” theme taps into these natural inclinations, making your blind date with a book even more special.

What You Can Expect

Autumn – Mysteries and Thrillers

As the leaves change color and the air grows crisp, what better way to spend your time than unraveling a mystery or diving into a spine-chilling thriller?

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Winter – Heartwarming Tales and Historical Fiction

When it’s cold outside, curl up with a book that warms your soul. Our winter picks often include tales of family, friendship, and historical sagas that stand the test of time.

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Cozy winter reading with Hartfield's Blind Date with a Book

Spring – Coming-of-Age and New Beginnings

As flowers bloom and the world reawakens, spring offers the perfect backdrop for stories of growth, new beginnings, and transformative life experiences.

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Summer – Adventure and Beach Reads

From sizzling romances to high-octane adventures, our summer picks are as hot as the season itself. Grab your sunscreen, because these books are too good to put down!

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How to Participate

Participating in the Seasonal Picks theme is as simple as ever. Just head to our genre guide, look for the sections above, and start unwrapping your next reading adventure.


Whether it’s the depth of winter or the height of summer, every season has its unique charms, and so do books. Our Seasonal Picks theme allows you to synchronize your reading choices with the world around you, making each book you unwrap a celebration of the season.

So, why not take a seasonal approach to your next literary blind date? After all, books, like seasons, offer a world of experiences just waiting to be explored.

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Happy reading and happy seasons!